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A national leadership program for heritage and cultural conservation leadership in Israel

KEDEM is a national training program for groundbreaking leadership to empower heritage and cultural conservation in Israel, and increase its prominence in the public sphere.

Kedem seeks to foment individual, organizational and national transformation processes. It works with central actors in the various areas of heritage and cultural conservation in Israel, integrating individuals, organizations and institutions, to bring cultural heritage to the forefront, and engender active public participation in its conservation and consumption.


The program, offered by the Guilford Glaser Faculty of Business and Management, is associated with the principal institutions leading the field at the national level. The objective – a systemic and proactive approach to heritage and cultural conservation in Israel.

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המועצה לשימור אתרי מורשת בישראל

Antiquities Authority

Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Ministry Of Jerusalem And Heritage

Goals of KEDEM

This two-year program trains a cadre of leaders and trailblazers who will lead multi-level change in the various spheres of heritage and cultural conservation. We train the incoming generation of innovative and entrepreneurial leaders, who will refresh the field and engage the full spectrum of Israeli society in their work.

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Initiate and promote processes and projects to significantly enhance the field’s import in the public sphere. Make a difference in a variety of facets, including society, the economy, politics, education, communications and more.

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Create a community of influencers through active engagement in heritage and cultural conservation on the ground. Generate a network of NAME participants and alumni, and mobilize a wide range of partners throughout Israel.

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Create and propagate professional knowledge in the various areas of heritage, culture, conservation, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, within the program and beyond.


שם האתר

שם האתר

Three levels of action and impact

Participant level

Develop personal leadership by acquiring professional knowledge and skills, and extending and diversifying personal professional networks.

Group level

Form an active and supportive community that can ferment interdisciplinary and inter-organizational cooperation. Planning and implementation of innovative projects by the participants, during and after the program’s duration.

National level

Promote the program, its actions and its participants in the heritage and cultural conservation community and in the general public. Develop Israel’s national heritage and cultural conservation ecosystem, as well as new infrastructures to promote the field.

The training program

KEDEM is multidisciplinary and applied, and consists of classes, workshops, excursions, individual and group mentoring, development and establishment of new projects.  

It requires one full day weekly on campus at BGU, and a few longer workshops and excursions in Israel and abroad.

It integrates a variety of knowledge, skills and tools relevant for heritage and cultural conservation leaders and entrepreneurs in the 21st century, from management, leadership and heritage conservation. Such as:

  • Strategy, financial management and resource mobilization, crowdfunding, social marketing, branding and advertising, PPC marketing, event and conference production, tourism management.

  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, business development, creative-inventive thinking, business models.

  • Leadership, personal and organizational vision, human resource management and talent development, social change and policy change, citizen and community participation.

  • Heritage site and resource management, "open for conservation", tourism and cultural heritage ecosystems, cultural heritage regulation, law and policy, conservation techniques and approaches.

KEDEM participants and alumni receive:​​

  • Diploma from the Executive Training Program, Gilford Glazer Faculty of Management

  • About 60 learning days, which are more than 500 hours of training

  • 6 credits towards a master's degree (only for bachleor’s degree holders)

  • Professional knowledge in the fields of heritage

  • Management skills and tools

  • Skills and tools for leading people and processes

  • Practical entrepreneurial experience

  • Social and professional networking in Israel and abroad, participation in a peer network​

Program principles

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תכנית לימודים מודולרית המבוססת על מודולות ידע ייעודיות לתוכנית: ימים מרוכזים, סדנאות, סיורים במהלכה המשתתפים ירכשו כלים מתקדמים לניהול, חדשנות, והובלת תהליכים ארגוניים וציבוריים.

Curriculum composed of varied independent learning modules, in the form of concentrated days, workshops and excursions.

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Exposure to trends and innovations around the world through international excursions, workshops, seminars, and case studies.

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Learning through projects, simulations and case studies.

Active learning, in which learners are also instructors, sharing their expertise.

Peer learning – reciprocal learning with peers from different organizations and disciplines.

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Individual and group mentoring

Individual and group learning processes, with a focus on skill and knowledge acquisition, personal empowerment, and network-building.

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Learning processes through practical development and implementation of startups and projects, accompanied by top academics and experts.

Image by Sander Crombach

Who is this program for?

KEDEM enrolls seasoned and experienced influencers, who aspire to make a difference in the field of heritage and cultural conservation, from the public, business and nonprofit sectors, and from all parts of Israeli society.

Decision makers and leading experts in heritage and cultural conservation organizations, like conservation architects and engineers, curators, conservators, project managers, etc.

Decision makers and managers in varied related fields, including planners, economists, tourism, business, education and communications, among others.


If the following describes you, you are likely to benefit and contribute in KEDEM:

  • Desire to develop your personal leadership skills

  • High intellectual academic capacity, ready for strenuous and unconventional work

  • Wish to engage with a community of colleagues

  • Deep social and community commitment

  • Passionate about cultural and heritage conservation

  • Rich background, experience, and deep commitment to the field

  • Significantly influential in your organization or community

Enrollment criteria

  • Currently holding a professional or managerial position, influencer

  • Significant professional experience (at least 5 years)

  • Significant employment horizon

  • Commitment to significant long-term leadership and contribution

  • Availability for a full weekly school day, plus a number of longer workshops and tours

  • Willingness to actively participate in an intense and empowering learning and professional experience

  • Employer’s consent

Critical dates

The program starts October 2021, and is 2 years long

The screening has three steps:

Online enrollment


Enrollment opens

Apply now

Online enrollment



Enrollment closes

Personal interviews


invitations sent

Personal interviews



Candidates must bring written consent from organization to participate

Final screening day


Invitations sent

Final screening day


Active participation in a one-day hackathon to develop responses to a selected challenge

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